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[sticky post] Fanfiction Master List

My attempt to keep track of all my fic. I try to be careful about warnings, so if you notice something potentially triggering in any of my fics that I haven't warned for, PLEASE let me know. Thanks for reading!

All my fic is also here at the AO3.

If you want to see more of my flaily-fangirly side instead of my serious fanfic-writerly side, you should follow me on Tumblr.

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Surface Tension (Chapter 6)

WOW, I'm sorry for the frankly ridiculous update delay. Unfortunately vet school often means coming home and saying to myself, "Well, I have enough time to either write, or make dinner, or take a shower. And I haven't eaten all day and I'm covered in poop." So I can't make promises about an update schedule. The only promise I can make is that I know where this story is going, I know how it ends, and I want to see it finished. Thanks to everyone who asked me about the next chapter and kept me writing.

And a quick disclaimer: while Jean Lafitte was a real pirate, I played a bit fast and loose with his history and timeline in order to make things work the way I wanted them to work. Forgive me my historical inaccuracies.

Previous chapters: : 1|2|3|4|5|

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Surface Tension (Chapter 5)

New chapter of the pirate!merman!tentacle!porn AU that is ruining my life.

Chapter summary: Sam chats with Bobby, and Dean contemplates telling his crew about Cas.

For Rae.

Previous chapters: 1|2|3|4

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Surface Tension (Chapter 4)

Aaaand I'm caught up. More chapters to come as I write them. No promises on the update schedule because vet school is a harsh mistress.

Chapter summary: Castiel wakes up, and he's not happy to find out where he is. Dean realizes that being responsible for Cas is going to be more work than he thought.

For Rae.

Previous chapters: 1|2|3

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Surface Tension (Chapter 3)

Moooore pirate/merman!AU

Chapter summary: Dean returns to the cave to look for Castiel and brings him to Bobby, who used to be a surgeon on John's pirate crew. But Castiel needs ongoing care, and Dean needs to get to Cuba. And there's only one way to do both.

For Rae.

Previous chapters: 1|2

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Surface Tension (Chapter 2) NSFW

More of the pirate!Dean/merman!Cas tentacle porn AU (that doesn't actually have any tentacle porn in it yet, shh, I'll get to it). Instead of tentacle porn in this chapter you get sub!Dean/dom!Anna fucking. Enjoy.

Chapter Summary: Dean and Anna track Crowley down and negotiate for The Impala. When they get back, Dean gets some startling news.

For Rae. Chapter 1 is over here.

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Surface Tension (Chapter 1)

In the continuing adventures of "Christina is too lazy to cross-post to Livejournal," here's the first chapter of the longfic I've been working on. I'm up to chapter 4 on AO3, but I'll space them out here over a day or two so I don't clog your flists. There's no other way to say this... I'm writing pirate!AU. And Castiel is a merman with the lower body of an octopus. There is rampant multishipping. Later, there will be tentacle porn. I apologize for nothing.

Summary: As the son of the (late) famous pirate John Winchester, Dean has inherited a dangerous reputation, insurmountable debts, and a sailing ship called The Impala. Desperate to keep his ship, and to keep his brother out of the family business, Dean has been smuggling for John's old contacts for most of his adult life. He has struck a delicate balance between duty and debauchery, running jobs with the fate of his crew on his shoulders while simultaneously maintaining lovers in every port from the Carolinas to South America. But just when his balancing act begins to crash down around him, he meets one of the elusive creatures living in the water off the Atlantic Coast. Half human, half sea creature, these beings don't enjoy human attention. It's only through a series of happenstances that Dean finds himself inextricably bound to the young merman named Castiel at a time when both their lives are poised to change forever.

Mostly Dean/Castiel. Also Dean/Anna. More ships involving Dean to come, because I enjoy it when people love Dean and have sex with him. Sam/Jess because fuck canon. Crowley's here too. It's a party.

Dedicated to Rae. Because it's all her fault.

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Oops, I've been forgetting to update LJ with my new fics for a while! I'm writing less these days (school is intense right now) but I'm still writing. I'm more active on Tumblr and AO3, but I'll still try to crosspost here.

Summary: When Castiel told Dean that he was a virgin, that wasn't strictly true. (Cas/Anna, Cas/Pam, Cas/Jo, Cas/Daphne, Cas/Meg, Cas/Dean) WC~2000

Their bodies are made of lightCollapse )

Setting expectations at "diaper"

A girl on one of the GISHWHES 2012 runner-up teams participated in GISHWHES 2011. She bought a "mystery item" from the shop for a not-insignificant sum of money. She received an adult diaper.

Now that we are beginning to receive our runner-up prizes and clues, I hold her story in my mind. I am not getting my hopes up.

Not that I need to. Just playing with the puzzle they've designed for us and hanging out with the other runners-up is massive fun. If all we get out of all this work is a little message from Misha, I'll be happy. If we get so much as a diaper, I'll be thrilled.

To the members of Team Widdermacker, QuicklyHuge, Robothead, BabySharks, fandom-orgy, and SuperWhoLockers: you are beautiful people and I love you all.

To the members of Teams (Sc)Avengers and 270Winchesterloveswishbone: where are you guys?


Team Subtext


With Me (Dean/Cas NC-17)

Dean shows off his new home to Cas, including a sexy tour of his bed. But the incident with Samandriel followed by Cas's disappearance is still weighing on them, as is Naomi's influence (though Dean is unaware of it). So when Dean tries to dominate Cas, some of that uncertainty creeps in and Cas has to step up until Dean regains control. (3K words)

Contains: d/s switching, forced orgasm


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